How to find process listening over a port

List all tcp ports using netstat -at

netstat -at
 netstat -ltnp 

-p means list all the programs run over the port

List all udp ports using netstat -au

netstat -aup

List only listening ports using netstat -l

netstat -lp

List only the listening UNIX Ports using netstat -lx

netstat -lxp

lsof command (LiSt Open Files) is used to list all open files on a Linux system. To install it on your system, type the command below.

$ sudo yum install lsof	        #RHEL/CentOS 
$ sudo apt install lsof		#Debian/Ubuntu
$ sudo dnf install lsof		#Fedora 22+

To find the process/service listening on a particular port, type (specify the port).

$ lsof -i :80

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